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GDS connectivity is your window to the world. Without it, the shutters are down. Connectivity is king for even the smallest of hotels. We help you navigate the distribution landscape with two-way GDS connectivity to Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus and Worldspan by geographical strength, putting your inventory in front of thousands of agents (and OTAs) worldwide, quickly and seamlessly. Because until you’re on a GDS, you’re off the radar. We also make our preferred partnerships with key global TMCs (Travel Management Companies) work for you. The world’s biggest companies trust TMCs to handle their corporate travel, and we partner with the top global TMC programmes and regional consortia – between them booking over $100 billion of corporate travel per year. Some of that could be coming your way. We make sure it does.

GDS Connectivity

We connect your property with one of the industry’s largest collection of online distribution systems and the best global online booking sites.

Easy to find is easy to sell

We connect your property with one of the industry’s largest collection of online distribution systems and the best global online booking sites. Through online marketing with TripAdvisor, Trivago, Google Hotel Finder and other key partners we ensure maximum exposure, brand awareness and increased business, and we partner with leading Channel Managers Siteminder, Rate Tiger, Rate Gain, Ezyield, Parity Rate and XYZT to drive revenue in the most cost-efficient way possible. But it doesn’t stop there. We take you further for GDS success, with a flexible suite of enhanced distribution tools including:

Preferred Consortia Programmes

Consortia programmes are a key distribution channel, but you get out what you put in. Preferred placement provides multiple benefits that help you to maintain a competitive advantage. Enhanced visibility via GDS screen preferencing, exclusive consortia rate plans and partnership events ensures you’re always top of mind when it matters most. Screen preferencing alone is proven to at least double consortia sales.

Preferred partnerships

We work on your behalf with the world’s top Travel Management Companies to build market share in the most cost-efficient way. But it’s our preferred partner status that really ensures your message stands out. Preferred partnerships achieve prominence through targeted online advertising, itinerary messaging and online newsletters on top producing sites like American Express (Global Business Travel), HRG (Global Hotel Programme) and WIN Travel Network.

Private label chain code

If yours is an upscale property, you’ll know that not all chain codes are equal. A private label chain code is a badge of quality. It gives you enhanced recognition with a more powerful brand presence across the big four GDS. Through our partnership with Luxury Hotels Group, we offer the LU private label chain code – at an exceptional value for independent upscale properties.

Increased ROI

we manage your Paid campaigns and make the most of your marketing budget.

Increased BrandPar

Increased brand awareness without increasing cost

Save Commissions

Entire eCommerce management @ 12% spend and save 6% of each booking

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