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Hotel Video Marketing

We understand the power of video sharing in the digital world today, and hence our expert video production team specialises in creating compelling and engaging videos for your brand. These SEO videos are a multiple video production activity, consisting of bite size videos between 20 seconds to 1minute making them ideal for consistent sharing.

We produce location videos, specific F&B videos such as cocktails and recipe videos, facilities or feature videos highlighting rooms, swimming pool, wellness space, event or meeting rooms and restaurants. Plus, we help create appealing ideas for offers/special occasions services videos, team introduction videos and more things that represent your brand.

Videos are growing as the most popular tool for advertising and marketing to increase online traffic. Our effective videos improve your brand’s SEO through integrated videos, keyword labels, video transcript, video sitemap, hosting videos on YouTube, optimise video for load time, Backlinking from YouTube videos and increasing social signals and share-ability.

Our team of videography professionals provide planning, scriptwriting, filming, editing, setting-up the shoot site facilities and more services at your desirable location. With years of experience in providing high-quality videos for a variety of brands, our full range of in-house video production services at various development and marketing stages include:

  • Concept designing

  • Script writing

  • Storyboard creation

  • Location scouting (if needed)

  • Shooting

  • Editing

  • Video distribution on Social Media platforms

  • Distribution for video optimisation

  • Distribution videos for embedding on website

  • Content creation - Video to blog

  • Content creation - Video to podcast (if applicable)

  • Content creation - Stills from video

Providing you a one-stop-shop solution for all your video needs, with our strong industry tie-ups we also help arrange these additional services:

  • Actor search

  • Voice talent search

  • Stock graphics editing

  • Music sourcing and editing

  • More services depending on your requirement.

Social Media

Most hotels ‘do’ social media, but far fewer exploit its potential to impact the bottom line.

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