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It’s a common assumption that OTAs automatically return better rates than hotel websites. So despite your best online rate guarantee, it’s an assumption that’s costing you up to 20% in commission per booking. Here’s the solution. Rate Comparison Tool is an innovative tool that compares live OTA rates with your direct rate in a customisable tool beside your booking engine. It saves valuable time for your guests – and restores their trust in booking direct. Reduce your OTA dependence one booking at a time with this simple but effective tool to increase direct revenue.

Rate Parity Tool

Rate Comparison Tool is one of the best tools on the market to optimise own-channel conversion.

Show them direct is best

Rate Comparison Tool is one of the best tools on the market to optimise own-channel conversion. Like all great ideas, you’ll wonder why nobody thought of it before. Developed in-house, this advanced proprietary software now makes booking direct a no-brainer, in any currency. Rate Comparison Tool is a feature that will appear automatically when a customer searches for availability on your booking engine, showing at least three, real time OTA rates beside yours. With a robust paid and organic search strategy in place, and a great looking, conversion optimised website, this deceptively simple tool could be the clincher that turns a looker into a booker. And with the added transparency it offers, more and more online bookers will trust your website – and your brand.

With Rate Comparison Tool installed and customised for your brand look and feel, you can:

Reduce abandoned purchases by reassuring customers they are getting the best deal direct
Match your price in real time if an OTA is undercutting your direct rate
Analyse your rate performance over time with frequent reporting

Increased ROI

we manage your Paid campaigns and make the most of your marketing budget.

Increased BrandPar

Increased brand awareness without increasing cost

Save Commissions

Entire eCommerce management @ 12% spend and save 6% of each booking

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